Board of Director

Dear our valued customers and colleagues,
First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest our company . It is an honor for us, to invite you to learn more about our growing company.

Support and team work from our management and employess, PT. Pamindo Tiga T maintains our positions as one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the nation. we have been serving our customers with highly engineered quality products for more than three decades. Equipped with expriences and skill- set that we developed thourgh those years, PT. Pamindo Tiga T still growing and moving forward to maintan its position as the positions as the pioneer in the business.

Our three core bussines (stamping, die, and jig manufacturing) are supported with two giant enginering companies from japan (meisei Metal industries company Ltd. and Kyoei Engineering company Ltd). Combined with our advanced machineries and high precision equipments, we have guarantee for high quality products, minimum productions defects, and fast response to customers claim.

Our misssions now is much different than it was back in 1975. Our Company does not only aspire to become the market leader, we also apply the global quality standar procedure in our production lines to face the global market challenges in years to come.

I am very pleased to inform you that currently, we are in the process of acquaring ISO 14000:2004 certification by the end of 2009. PT Pamindo Tiga T believes that promoting and practicing enviromental protection is very essential and crucial in our industry. Last But not Least, allow me to invite you to come into our bussines patnership. Through Patnership, PT. Pamindo Tiga T. is certain that we can thrive and succeed in facing the challenges that the global market convey in our path.

Thank you

President Director.